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TV Licensing urges students who watch legal live TV online

Published: Wednesday, 18 April 2012   Category: All Graduate Jobs News

University fees are not the only expenditure graduates need to worry about, TV Licensing is reminding students to get correctly licensed if they are watching live TV online or risk a heavy fine of up to £1,000.

“Anyone caught watching TV without a licence risks prosecution and a fine of up to £1,000. With student budgets being so tight, it’s just not worth the risk. We would urge all students to ensure they are correctly licensed,” said Pete Mercer, National Union of Students Vice-President (Welfare).

The number of students who watch TV live online has increased significantly since last year to just under a third (29%) according to latest research. However, worryingly more than one in four (28%) of those who watch TV live online think they don’t need a licence or have no plans to buy one.

“More and more students are choosing to watch TV in a variety of different ways, including on devices such as iPads and laptops. If they are watching TV catch-up services a licence is not needed. But, if they are watching or recording programmes, including Frozen Planet, sport or the X-Factor, at the same time as they are shown on TV they must have a valid licence or risk breaking the law,” said Pauline Gillingham, TV Licensing spokesperson.

If you are interested in buying a TV Licence go to www.tvlicensing.co.uk/studentinfo or call 0300 790 6090.

Graduates love new tech

In relation to this, a recent study suggested that current students take nearly £3000 worth of possessions to university with them – despite the fact that most graduate students spend an average of 11 years paying off their debt after finishing their degree.

One of the most revealing statistics is that students will be taking a laptop (83%), a desktop computer (14%) and/or a tablet PC (4%) to university for the start of the new term.

With such a big financial investment, it is obvious why young Brits look for student jobs even when they are still at university.

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