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TUC urges higher wage for graduates

Published: Tuesday, 31 March 2009   Category: Life after graduation

The Trades Union Congress (TUC) has called for an end to low pay for young workers at its Young Members Conference, which began on Friday (March 27th).

Calls for the minimum wage for over-18s to be raised to the same amount for over-22s was made by Kay Carberry, the assistant general secretary for the TUC, along with an end to the exemption of a minimum wage for apprenticeships.

Ms Carberry said that as well as cuts at the directorial level, boosts are needed at the low-paid worker level in order to help achieve economic recovery.

She said: "This will speed up the process of economic recovery because increasing the disposable incomes of the low-paid is one of the best ways of increasing demand in the economy, and will create much more stability for the long term."

A recent survey by Work Wise UK found that 20 per cent of university leavers have found themselves in "low knowledge content" graduate jobs which do not take advantage of their skills.


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