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Top universities 'producing top earners'

Published: Friday, 28 November 2008   Category: Graduate Job sector Reports

Students graduating from Britain's top universities are twice as likely to land a well-paid graduate job compared to those educated at former polytechnics, new research has found.

Coming as the government pushes forward with its plans to ensure at least half of all school-leavers enter into higher education by 2010, the study undertaken by the 1984 Group has served to highlight the true earnings potential of top graduates.

According to the report, more than 80 per cent of those graduates who attended institutions within the Russell and 1984 Groups – such as Manchester, Oxford, Cambridge, York and Durham – landed a job that demanded a degree within three years of finishing their studies.

In comparison, this figure stands at just 27 per cent among graduates of former polytechnics, with this likely to add further weight for the introduction of higher fees among the top universities.

The report concluded: "For those studying at research-intensive universities, perceived benefits are brought about by the connection to the university itself, whether because of the national and international reputation the university has obtained or because of the type of academic environment and teaching within which the student will learn."

Earlier this week, HSBC claimed that its graduate recruitment levels would remain stable during 2009.

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