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Top tips to increase your employability

Published: Wednesday, 18 April 2012   Category: All Graduate Jobs News

With the latest figures showing that youth unemployment tops 1 million, 21.9% of young Brits are unemployed nowadays. Find what you can do to boost your chances of finding a graduate job.

A graduate qualification is not everything. After years of university you still need to keep building your skills in order to find your first graduate job.

In fact, many employers said today’ graduates are lacking certain abilities in order to be 100% worth hiring. Read carefully which areas could empower graduates’ employability:

Emotional intelligence

Out in the job market, being effective and a hard-worker is not all that is required. Developing good skills in emotional intelligence is as important as work efficiency. This means you have to be able to communicate clearly to other members of your team, be emphatic and make them understand your point of view.

Also, it is important to improve your listening abilities and to learn how to relate with all sorts of different employees in the best way possible.

Maths and English

Since the age of manual work passed, today’s jobs require high levels of mental capability. Therefore, to improve your literacy and numeracy skills is something that will be mandatory in almost every graduate vacancy from now on.

"For many employers and representatives of the workforce, if you don't acquire some of these basic skills in Maths and English you're going to be disadvantaged in the labour market forever," said Iain Murray, Senior Policy Advisor at the TUC.


Employers value candidates that show initiative and independent thinking. If aside from a graduate qualification and some work experience your CV also shows further activities such as original hobbies or committed volunteering, employers might think that you are someone worth hiring who can add something different to their company.

Are university degrees the only way to obtain graduate jobs? What else do you think it could be done to increase graduates’ employability?

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