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Published: Wednesday, 18 April 2012   Category: Career Advice

Social Media Although you may think there is no harm in counting down the days on Facebook or Twitter until you leave rainy Britain and step foot onto sunnier lands, you could find you are broadcasting your departure to completely the wrong people. While social media statuses on your impending holiday are likely to make your friends jealous, they are also giving potential burglars the exact time to take the plunge and steal from you when you are gone. Keep your holiday plans to yourself, or simply tell close friends and family, you never know who is watching you on the internet. Lock Windows and Doors This may seem obvious, however many people fail to check they have locked all their windows and doors before departing for their hols. Sometimes the excitement of packing and the stress of getting to the airport on time can cause you to forget about what you leave at home. Do not make it easy for burglars to get in by leaving windows unlocked.

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