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Temporary work praised by Hutton

Published: Tuesday, 18 December 2007   Category: Graduate Job sector Reports

The role of temporary workers has been praised by the secretary of state for Business, enterprise and Regulatory Reform, John Hutton.

Mr Hutton was speaking after the UK recently blocked an EU proposal that would have given temporary workers the same rights as full time employees.

He told the Times: "We won't accept a deal that is not in the UK’s best interest, we will not accept a deal that undermines essential market flexibility. Effectively the worse outcome of all would be to penalise or somehow impose an extra charge and therefore make uneconomic agency work itself, which many companies regard as an important way of filling vacancies and so on."

He added that agency work is a bridge between being unemployed and in full time work for some people and he was "not going to pull up that bridge".

Graduates often work in temporary jobs before embarking on their careers.

The proposal, called the Agency Workers Directive, was proposed by the Portuguese presidency of the EU recently but has been around for five years.

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