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Teachers 'must have the right motivations'

Published: Monday, 19 January 2009   Category: Public sector

The government must ensure that new teachers enter the profession for the right reasons, it has been claimed.

According to Sue Fieldman, regional editor of the Good Schools Guide, new plans to keep teachers in difficult schools may be flawed if the only motivation for staff to take on challenging roles is financial.

She commented: "It would be dreadful if a few unscrupulous teachers took advantage of a system which was meant to benefit everyone."

Ms Fieldman said the proposed scheme could be a "positive step" if it manages to bring standards up in more schools, but it was necessary to ensure that new teachers actually harboured a desire to improve their institution.

"You have to make sure teachers are coming in for the right reasons, and not just because people are dangling a financial carrot in front of them" she added.

In the New Opportunities White Paper published last week, it was revealed that £10,000 bonuses will to be offered to teachers who stay within certain schools for three years.

The policy is geared at keeping the most effective teachers in the schools which need them the most, with up to 500 schools and 6,000 teachers a year likely to benefit.

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