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'Switched-on' jobseekers looking for graduate roles in social media

Published: Monday, 28 March 2011   Category: All Graduate job news

"Switched-on" jobseekers looking are using their social media nous to discover graduate vacancies before they are advertised to the wider market, according to Beyond Interactive.

James Swift, director and founder of the online recruitment communications firm, said that employers were capitalising on the capabilities of services like Twitter to speed up the process of advertising a position.

"If you look at IT sector, for example, the really switched-on candidates will use Twitter to find out about jobs before they get advertised in the mainstream," he explained.

He added: "It's the same for companies, as well. If you've got a job that you want advertised on job boards or in the press, you have to wait – you have to get it copywritten and stuff – whereas you can actually post it onto Twitter straight away.

"The candidates that are following that company will find out about the role a lot quicker."

More companies, such as KPMG and the Royal Bank of Scotland, are advertising their job vacancies via their Twitter pages, while many recruitment companies are also using social media to promote jobs.

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