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Swearing 'not tolerated in the office'

Published: Thursday, 24 April 2008   Category: Graduate Job sector Reports

Bad language is a major bugbear for UK bosses, with research showing one in ten had fired an employee for swearing.

The study was commissioned by search and selection firm The Ladders.co.uk and surveyed some 1,000 senior executives.

Additionally, it revealed that 17 per cent considered bad manners, lunchtime boozing, making personal calls on company time and gossiping about colleagues as offences which could lead to an employee being shown the door.

Some 47 per cent of respondents said they would fire an employee for foul language, while 96 per cent said they would find it difficult to tolerate a member of staff that swore continually.

Sarah Drew, general manager of TheLadders.co.uk said that employees often felt it was acceptable due the glamorisation of colourful language by celebrities such as Gordon Ramsey.

"But employees beware, in every office there exists an invisible line between professional and unprofessional behaviour and swearing Ramsay style definitely crosses the line," she advised.


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