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Students still keen on possessions despite looming debt

Published: Wednesday, 18 April 2012   Category: All Graduate Jobs News

While most graduate students spend an average of 11 years paying off their debt after finishing their degree, a new study suggests that current students take nearly £3000 worth of possessions to university with them.

One of the most revealing statistics is that students will be taking a laptop (83%), a desktop computer (14%) and/or a tablet PC (4%) to university for the start of the new term.

The study also states that most students are expected to take a mobile phone to university with them, 59% of those will be Smartphones specifically.

In addition to technology items, it also shows that today's student will take approximately £2,652 worth of possessions with them when moving to their university house. Also, did you know that the average student's wardrobe is worth £542, how much will yours be worth?

Valuable possessions and lifelong debts

Despite the economic recession, the university fees, the post-studying debts or the difficulties of finding a graduate job, this research shows how students are used to have a lifestyle where high tech devices are essential, even if they are expensive too.

During their time at university most students still live in an environment where money is not yet a real struggle -thanks to help from parents or bank loans-, once university is finished though, all graduates have to face the reality of financial struggles while finding their first graduate job.

With the competition rate set now on 83 applicants for each position, recent graduates face the realities of unpaid internships, restricted access to graduate jobs, little money and an average debt of £21,198 after finishing university.

In order to fight or ease this situation, the more graduates can learn about banking, finances and employment news, the easier it will be to find a graduate job that allows them to afford expensive gadgets and pay their university debts at the same time.

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