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Student finance worry eased by staying at home

Published: Wednesday, 18 July 2007   Category: Public sector

Almost one in three, worried about their student finance, intends to live with their parents in order to cut costs, according to a Lloyds TSB survey.

Over 30 per cent students believe that if they had to live in halls of residence or rented accommodation they would not be able to afford it. Last year's figure was 22 per cent. A further 41 per cent of students wanted to stay at home for an "easy life"

Students planning to leave the family home had a number of reasons for doing so; three-quarters need to be closer to campus, more than 65 per cent seek independence and 23 per cent admitted they wanted to escape their parents.

Caroline Brady of Lloyds TSB student banking said: "Students face higher levels of debt than ever before and whilst it's essential that they find ways to keep costs to a minimum it is also important that students think carefully about all the options

A quarter have dispelled the 'lazy student' myth by claiming that a part time job whilst studying is essential.

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