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Staff in graduate jobs 'can be engaged with non-financial rewards'

Published: Monday, 31 January 2011   Category: All Graduate job news

Providing graduates with non-financial rewards to show they are valued can help solicit engagement at even the most cash-strapped companies.

Companies could find offer employees in graduate jobs non-financial rewards if they fear they do not have the funds to offer a competitive wage.

According to the Institute for Employment Studies, such items can help employers struggling for cash to show their staff that they are valued, while also helping to engage workers.

Dilys Robinson, principle research fellow at the organisation, also highlighted the importance of communication in helping keep graduates and employees on board in the absence of pay rises.

"Employees are realistic and know they can't expect large financial rewards," she said.

"However, they do expect to be valued for their contribution by the organisation and here non-financial rewards often go a long way – an extra day's holiday after working very hard, perhaps, or even a simple 'thank you'."

Her comments came after the latest reports indicate that salary growth remains subdued across most sectors of the UK economy.

Institute for Employment Studies: Non-financial rewards "can go a long way" in engaging staff

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