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SMEs 'good for graduates'

Published: Tuesday, 01 April 2008   Category: Life after graduation

While large companies are traditionally seen to offer graduates the best opportunities, employment with small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) can be equally rewarding, an expert has said.

The Association of Graduate Careers Advisory Services (AGCAS) notes that, while there may be benefits associated with business owners growing their companies, there is larger "scope for making one's mark" with an SME.

Commenting on the issue, Margaret Dane, chief executive of AGCAS, said: "Support systems may be less formal, but may also be more personal for that very reason, so working for an SME can prove an attractive option and indeed a necessity for many."

She added that graduates can experience "high expectations" from an SME given that they vary in how they operate, and that the "reward can be considerable".

Recent research by the National Council of Graduate Entrepreneurship found that 70 to 80 per cent of the UK's fastest-growing businesses are set up by graduates.


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