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Prospects look bright for MBA graduates

Published: Wednesday, 18 April 2012   Category: Graduate jobs

Graduates who hold a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) can look forward to brighter recruitment prospects in 2012, according to a recent report.

It showed that this year represents the highest figures in MBA recruitment since 2010. 

Figures from the MBA Career Services Council show that employers have increased their on-campus recruitment campaigns by a figure of 70%, in comparison to statistics for 2011.

These finding are mirrored by research conducted by the Graduate Management Admissions Council (Gmac) which revealed that the 216 companies spanning across the globe will have a "noticeable increase” in the intake of graduated management candidates over the course of this year.

The Council also found that the businesses surveyed were increasing their MBA recruitment figure by 16% in 2012, in a year on year comparison. This brings the total figure for 2012 to 75%.

Commenting on the situation, Nicole Hall, President of the MBA Career Services Council, says: "The survey results indicate a positive trend we have observed in the past few years. We're seeing an increase in almost all industries and in most company types. Schools are continuing to find creative ways to assist students and companies with the job search process, and their efforts are paying off."

A third of the companies surveyed by GMAC also expect to increase base salaries for MBA recruits, compared to levels for 2011.

Bernard Garrette, Associate Dean at HEC Paris, added: “Whether to help with growth in developing markets, or innovate with new products in a saturated market, companies are looking to hire MBA graduates who are extremely competent in the core business skills of finance, marketing and strategy, but have the aptitude and decision-making skills that go beyond mere analysis.

"They want individuals who are capable of managing teams, and will roll up their sleeves and set an example to others."

Have you considered additional study, such as an MBA, to increase your graduate job prospects?

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