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Post graduate degree can 'set candidates apart'

Published: Friday, 20 June 2008   Category: Career Advice

A post graduate degree may make employment candidates stand out, recruitment company PFJ has said.

Those looking for graduate jobs may be more likely to achieve success if they complete a post graduate degree in their chosen field, PFJ's chairman Paul Farrer commented.

"Misplaced cynicism" towards current degree awards means some employers are looking for the "deeper research and thought" that goes into a post graduate degree, said Mr Farrer.

However, it depends on the subject and how vocational it is, he warned.

"If you did a postgraduate degree in applied science or chemistry or something like that, then I think that there is quite a clear link," he said.

"You will find particular employers actively wanting to recruit those grads," Mr Farrer added.

In 2005-6 higher education qualifications were achieved by 640,850 students, according to the Higher Education Statistics Agency. This was an increase from 633,045 students the previous academic year.

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