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People with more than one job 'mustn't let their standards slip'

Published: Friday, 13 May 2011   Category: Career Advice | All Graduate job news

People who turn to second jobs in order to boost their income must be careful they don't let their standards slip in their main role, according to a career guidance expert.

Denise Taylor, author of How to Get a Job in a Recession, suggested employers may not be very lenient in letting poor performances due to job-juggling go.

It was revealed recently by the same firm that increasing numbers of people have to take more than one job to make ends meet. For university-leavers, this could include one graduate placement and one job that pays more money.

"If you do end up doing two jobs, it's a case of being a bit quiet about the second job in your main job and making sure, if people are aware of it, that you don't let your standards slip," Ms Taylor explained.

"Even if it is not because of the second job, if you are not putting the 100 per cent in that you were doing in the past people will connect the two."

A survey by Santander Mortgages found recently that 28 per cent of first-time buyers are now taking on second jobs or overtime to boost their deposit fund.

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