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Part-time work can help graduate job prospects

Published: Friday, 18 December 2009   Category: Retail

Students who take up a part-time job while they are still at university will be able to show graduate employers that they have experience in the world of work.

That is according to Paul Redmond, vice-president of the Association of Graduate Careers Advisory Services, who is urging future graduate job hunters to start building up their CVs now.

"Often, even if your job is not directly related to your degree - or even your career aims, you can develop skills that give you an insight into working life and organisations," Mr Redmond said.

However, he added that university work must come first and that there is "no point" in risking a bad degree mark because of pre-occupations with a part-time job.

"The sensible amount of 15 hours often is sufficient for students to be able to balance their academic study and their part time jobs," the expert explained.

The Higher Education Careers Services Unit has said that holiday seasons such as Christmas are perfect opportunities to apply for part-time work in preparation for a graduate job.


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