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Optimism for communication graduates

Published: Tuesday, 17 February 2009   Category: Career Advice

A new survey by search and selection company VMA, detailing the state of the market, has revealed that the communications industry has not suffered as much as others, providing hope for graduates looking for employment.

It is reported that 72 per cent of companies insist that they will not be downsizing and 23 per cent claim that they will still be employing in the next year.

The role of communications and PR in the global market will be significantly stronger than the last recession, according to the survey, which brings good news to graduates looking for employment in the sector.

VMA's chief executive officer Julie Meighan warned that businesses which repeat the "knee-jerk reaction" of cutting back their PR and communications teams, as they did in the last recession, do so "at their peril".

"In today's world, it is incredibly important to manage your business reputation as rumours can spread across the internet in minutes, causing financial as well as reputational damage."

Major American firms seem to agree with this stance, with media monitoring company Cision saying: "We see the importance of PR or marketing even in a recession so there are no plans to reduce [those efforts]."


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