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One in ten young people lie on CV

Published: Wednesday, 29 April 2009   Category: Career Advice

Young people are the most likely to lie about their qualifications to enhance their CV, according to a report.

More than one in ten young workers aged 18-24 admitted to lying on their CV in a report by employee verification experts Callcredit Direct.

Derek Woodhouse, manager at Callcredit Direct, told onrec.com: "It appears that young people more than any other age group are prepared to lie on their CV to secure a job, perhaps because they feel that their work experience is not strong enough and competition for jobs is fierce."

Mr Woodhouse added that people who may make up hobbies and interest are likely to lie about their qualifications.

He also warned employees should be actively screened and that false representation for their own gain is a criminal offence under the Fraud Act 1996.

The report showed that making up hobbies and interests was the most common falsehood and was closely followed by lying about GCSE results.

Wales was the most dishonest region, where 13 per cent of people admitted to lying, while Yorkshire was the most honest area with only four per cent of people prepared to embellish facts.

Commentators have suggested CV duplicity maybe more common due to the recession, with more people prepared to lie in order to make themselves seem more employable.


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