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Office workers 'dressing down'

Published: Wednesday, 28 May 2008   Category: Life after graduation

Only one in four employees is now required to wear a suit to work, according to a recent survey.

Research carried out by executive leadership and development consultancy the Aziz Corporation indicates that six out of ten offices in the UK have adopted "smart casual" dress attire, reports Onrec.com.

Around 51 per cent of employers require office staff to wear a suit only for business meetings, with a mere 24 per cent having more formal dress as an everyday requirement.

Professor Khalid Aziz, chairman of Aziz, suggested most employees take their professional image at work very seriously and dress smartly by choice.

He said: "There is no longer a perception that we have to wear suits in order to be smart.

"Enforcing a suits-only dress code is seen as outdated and perhaps a little insular in an increasingly international workplace, an image which savvy modern companies want to steer clear of."

"Smart casual" is described by the Oxford English dictionary as a characteristic of dress which is informal yet smart.

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