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Office exercise 'important for health'

Published: Tuesday, 16 December 2008   Category: Life after graduation

Graduate workers and other professionals based in the office should participate in regular exercise, or at least move around the workplace each day if they wish to avoid back pain, it has been suggested.

Kelston Chorley, head of professional development at the British Osteopathic Association, says short walks around the office during the day and seeking fresh air at lunchtime is important for health reasons.

Meanwhile, workers who are employed by bigger companies should suggest the staging of fitness classes for employees, he proposes.

According to Mr Chorley, exercise at the end of the day is equally important. He adds: "When you get home, make sure that you do some simple floor exercises."

He claims that these can help improve circulation and remove some of the stiffness that accrues in the spine over the course of the day.

The high cost of absenteeism may be one reason employers may be keen to maintain an active and healthy workforce.

Figures published in the latest Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development annual Absence Management survey indicates that sickness absence cost £666 per employee in 2007, up from £659 the previous year.

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