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New Survey reveals Edinburgh is the UK’s most expensive city for students

Published: Monday, 01 August 2016   Category: All Graduate Jobs News

Edinburgh is the most expensive city within the UK for students to live and work in, according a survey conducted by the Royal Bank of Scotland.

Higher than average rent costs, added to a lower than average income throughout term-time, has made the Scottish capital the least affordable for students.

Despite the high costs, Edinburgh students still spend the most on social costs and spend above the weekly average on alcohol.

Portsmouth topped the 25 long index as the most cost-effective city, followed by Liverpool and Newcastle in second and third respectively.

The survey of 2,500 students from across the UK used a wide range of factors, including how much students spend going out socially and how much they spend on studying.

Most time studying

Findings show that students at Oxford and Cambridge unsurprisingly spend the most time studying a week, at just over 40 and 47 hours respectively. That compares to the UK average which stands at almost 31 hours – students in Leicester studied the least at just over 24 hours.

Also, Newcastle students were found to spend the most in a week on alcohol, at £9.32, with those from Birmingham spending the least at £4.12.

According to the survey, the majority of income that students receive is from student loans, which on average added up to £161.14 per week – a figure four times higher than any other source, including part-time work.

Only one in 50 students from the UK said they considered fees – which those studying in Scotland do not have to pay – when looking at which university they should attend.

Other concerns including, university reputation, cost of living, distance from home and subject choice were deemed more important to 98% of prospective students.

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