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Networking sites could help and hinder graduates

Published: Wednesday, 25 July 2007   Category: Graduate recruitment

Graduate job seekers may find that networking websites such as Myspace, Facebook and Bebo could be both friend and foe when looking for employment, onrec.com reports.

It seems that opinion is split on the matter. Some think that using the networking sites invades the privacy of the applicant and can also lead to the recruiter pre-judging a potential employee even before interview.

Others may argue that it as a valuable resource for employers and can give an important first glance into the personality of any applicant.

In a word of advice for any job seekers with networking site onrec.com report: "Have two separate accounts – one personal one that is very hidden so only your friends can view things, making it unavailable to anyone and one professional one that can be used to network.

"Make your profile professional keeping it as a networking tool – have one work email, add industry contacts, join work related networks and a profile photo."

In an interview with the magazine People Management, Enterprise Rent-A-Car's HR director Donna Miller slammed companies that use networking sites to gather information on candidates. She likened it to "going into somebody's house and searching through their cupboards".

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