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Multimedia graduates 'should expand their field of knowledge'

Published: Tuesday, 05 August 2008   Category: Industry sectors | Creative Industries: arts and design

Those looking for graduate jobs in multimedia design would do well to look beyond the boundaries of their course, according to one expert.

Writing for the Independent, Adrian Marden explains that while such courses provide people with a good grounding in using software such as Adobe Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Flash and Apple Motion, a wider knowledge will be needed.

He says: "Students have to be resourceful in this new environment and look outside their courses at other studies that sit alongside their programmes; they need to discover what animators are doing and what multimedia students might be able to offer."

Learning about the way social networking and other web 2.0 websites operate will also give those applying for graduate jobs in the sector a boost, he adds.

Yesterday, the Guardian claimed that philosophy students should look to convince employers that their analytical skills will be of use to a company when they are embarking on a job search.

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