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More students working to fund studies

Published: Thursday, 13 August 2015   Category: All Graduate Jobs News

More university students are working alongside completing their degrees this year, according to new figures.

The National Union of Students and insurance firm Endsleigh have suggested that around 77% of students are employed, up from 59% a year ago.

Although the majority of work roles were part-time, 14% of the 5,642 students questioned said they had full-time jobs during term-time, holidays or both.

More than half of students said this was because they had under-estimated how much university study would cost them.

However, 87% said they were working to develop additional skills that would boost their CV, with many looking for trainee jobs in sectors related to their subjects.

Work experience and trainee programmes can help in the long term as they can provide valuable hands-on understanding while enhancing knowledge. 

Partaking in such activities could also increase a student’s chances of landing a role with a firm when they graduate from university.

A total of 63% of students were found to have a part-time job, of which 33% worked part-time during term-time.

These helped to ease some of the financial burden associated with university, as nearly half of students admitted to using their overdraft to help make ends meet.

Dependence on other sources of finance has not decreased however, as many students are also rely on their parents for financial assistance.

More students are also relying on student loans to help them out financially, as 74% of students used them this year, up from 67% last year and 60% two years ago.

Students in England can borrow up to £5,555 when at a university outside of London to cover rent, food, travel or other living costs, while that figure increases to £7,751 for students in the capital.

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