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More graduates in work, claims new survey

Published: Saturday, 29 August 2015   Category: All Graduate Jobs News

More graduates are currently in work than at any point since the recession, according to new figures from the Higher Education Statistics Agency.

Nearly 82,000 people who graduated in 2011 were questioned about their occupations in November 2014 and almost 88% of them were working.

Fewer people were unemployed than in years previously and universities and science minister Jo Johnson described the study as a “further welcome sign”.

HESA has completed a survey of graduates every two years since 2006, when those who graduated in 2003 were questioned.

Graduate unemployment was last as low as it is now in 2008, as those who graduated in 2005 were struggling to find employment.

Prospects meanwhile were at their worst in 2010 (those who graduated on 2007) when just 86.4% of graduates were in work, while 3.5% were unemployed.

The 2014 figures revealed the following about those who finished their degree in 2011:

87.9% were in employment
6% were in further study
2.6% were unemployed

Those figures compare favourably with the figures for 2010 that relared to those who graduated in 2007 when:

86.4% were in employment
6.5% were in further study
3.5% were unemployed

The median salary for graduates in full time work in the UK was £26,000 while of those in employment, 80.5% were in professional roles.

More than three-quarters of graduates suggested that their time at university had prepared them for the world of work while 66% said they thought it was good value for money.

It is worth remembering though that this group were at university before the fees were trebled in 2012.

The government is aiming to “ensure everyone has the opportunity to work hard and secure a better future,” according to Mr Johnson.

“These latest statistics are a further welcome sign that so many graduates enjoy high levels of employment, but there is more to do to ensure students get the teaching they deserve and employers get the skills they need,” he said.

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