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Money tips given for unpaid graduate internships

Published: Tuesday, 15 December 2009   Category: Work Experience

With many internships unpaid and based in London, graduate job hunters hoping to boost their CVs with work experience could find it hard managing financially if schemes are unpaid.

Money journalist Huma Qureshi has offered some advice on how to stay in the black, including asking about eligibility for expenses and not being afraid to accept a drink from salaried colleagues.

Writing in the Guardian, Ms Qureshi also said that graduates could save money on accommodation by looking at websites which offer rent from Mondays to Fridays, allowing former students to stay in the capital only as long as they need to.

"Ask your family if they can help - you could always offer to pay them back once you get a job - or look at your overdraft. It's impossible and unrealistic not to consider cheap borrowing options," the expert added.

The Conservatives recently announced that university leavers who pay off their graduate loans early will be helped financially with a ten per cent discount if the party takes power.


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