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Maths graduates 'successful' in career

Published: Friday, 06 June 2008   Category: Life after graduation

Students graduating with a degree in maths are well set for a "successful career", according to a university expert.

Marcus du Sautoy, professor of maths at Wadham College, Oxford, told BBC Radio 4's Today programme that a great number of maths graduates move on to take up graduate jobs with firms in the city.

He added that many former students were now making money in the hedge-fund business.

Professor de Sautoy stated that maths was becoming increasingly important in today's world, with modern binary code-reliant technology all based upon the discipline.

He said: "The technology that is being used to change our voices into zeroes and ones; that is all using maths.

"Our world is built on the internet, on mobile phones, on new gadgets and that is all maths."

According to think-tank Reform, the cost of poor mathematics teaching to the UK economy is around £9 million per year.

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