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'Massive' wages await top graduates

Published: Tuesday, 04 December 2007   Category: Career Advice

Students looking to climb the corporate ladder quickly will be encouraged after a report by GMB revealed directors and chief executives of big organisations earn on average £214,063 a year.

The report is also good news for students who want graduate jobs as brokers, who earn an average wage of £101,627 a year.

The GMB has called for more balance in the pay structure in the UK. Paul Kenny, GMB general secretary, said: "There are some people at the top earning forty and fifty times those at the bottom. We are asked to believe that those at the top need to be 'incentivised' by multi-million pay packages to maintain a dynamic economy."

He added that at the same time people at the bottom of the pay list are being asked to make financial sacrifices "for the good of the economy".

A report by a government department yesterday revealed that more and more companies are offering flexible and part time work for their employees.

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