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Many workers 'sleeping on job'

Published: Monday, 31 March 2008   Category: Life after graduation

Falling asleep in the workplace is a common problem, according to new research, which may be of interest to sleepy graduates.

Conducted by employment law firm Peninsula, the study found that around 63 per cent of British workers admit to falling asleep or feeling sleepy in the workplace.

Additionally, some 73 per cent of workers said that believe they would take a nap at work if their employer did not object.

Commenting on the issue, Deb Gibbons, head of diversity at Peninsula, said: "Hiding behind your computer monitor and nodding off out of sight from the boss is more common than you think. Office based employees have even been known to nip to the bathroom to get a sneaky five minute kip."

She pointed out that "power naps" are an effective way to relive tiredness and that employees who are "desk-tied" throughout the day may begin to question what harm a "cat nap" will do.


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