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Many businesses 'not providing adequate training'

Published: Monday, 07 April 2008   Category: Life after graduation

New research has indicated that a substantial number of companies are unaware of the organisations that regulate their workplace, while some 70 per cent have never trained employees on diversity issues.

The new study by law firm Nabarro coincides with the government's 'Red Tape Day', which introduces new legislation including changes to sexual harassment laws and new requirements for consulting staff.

Fines for non compliance have increased, with penalties in cases that involve fatalities doubling between 2000 and 2005.

Commenting on the issue, Jonathan Warne, a partner at Nabarro, said: "The consequences for mistakes are severe and often the lapses come from employees below board level.

"It is crucial that information is disseminated widely to staff who will, in large part, be the ones responsible for ensuring day to day compliance."

According to the study, around 60 per cent of companies have never given their staff training in pension issues, while 69 per cent have not implemented training for environmental obligations.


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