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Make sure work experience is worth it, graduates warned

Published: Thursday, 23 July 2009   Category: Work Experience

Those looking to gain valuable work experience in competitive sectors this year in order to help them find a graduate job have been urged to ensure any schemes are worth the time.

The Association of Graduate Career Advisory Services (AGCAS) warned that, while internships can be helpful for gaining skills and experience in the difficult art, media and publishing markets, young people should be clear about what they entail.

Elspeth Farrar, vice president of AGCAS, said that because work experience placements for graduates are often unpaid, it is important to know that they are prepared to meet the requirements.

She continued: "I think [there] has to be a clear understanding on the part of the student and the potential employer providing the work experience of exactly what the situation is."

More university leavers should be able to access graduate internships with small and medium-sized enterprises in the current difficult job climate, the Federation of Small Businesses recently said.


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