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Loughborough grad launches innovative design product

Published: Thursday, 28 January 2016   Category: All Graduate Jobs News

An innovative Loughborough University graduate has launched a handy product that helps individuals open tricky parcels at the swipe of a finger.

Named Nimble, this must-have invention is a godsend to all who struggle with boxes and bags. Simply pop the device on the end of a finger and open deliveries in a jiffy. The product boasts a special blade design, and unlike scissors or knives, it’s extremely safe and won’t cause an injury. However, it also has a much sharper edge than steel and due to its make-up, won't rust.

Simon Lyons, 26, graduated with a product design engineering degree in 2013. He now runs his own start-up business, named Version 22. This particular venture is based in Loughborough Design School and is a company intent on creating creative solutions that promise to tackle people's everyday challenges.

“I am a big fan of solving problems and coming up with solutions,” explained Simon.
He created the Nimble in 2012 and the idea was originally produced for a competition run by Bath University. Simon took inspiration for this product from a video that showcased the problems elderly people encounter in their own homes.

Simon explained: “That is how Nimble was born. The problem that came up most was people struggling to open food and drink packaging in the kitchen.”

He began by creating a prototype, however other projects took pride of place and Nimble was placed on the backburner, until now.

Simon has received extremely good feedback for the product so far and hopes this is something everyone will have in their homes in the very near future. It’s already on sale in a number of countries around the globe, including the UK, Germany, Australia and New Zealand.

“We did three trade shows in the UK and one in Germany. It has been really well received,” he said. Simon also put Nimble forward for the Inclusive Technology Prize, where it was placed in the final 10.

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