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Keywords 'advisable' on graduate CVs

Published: Monday, 05 January 2009   Category: Career Advice

Job applicants should attempt to include as many keywords as possible on their CV as they compete for employment opportunities, it has been suggested.

David Hurst, managing director of the online recruitment site Onrec.com, said it is important to consider this point when constructing an online application as many firms use software to search for the most relevant CVs.

He added that university leavers seeking graduates jobs may wish to prepare different CVs for different jobs, focusing on specific skills and experiences more for some applications than for others.

Mr Hurst said: "It is very important to think about the skills and qualifications you've got and highlight them so that they get found."

Job applicants should think about where they are applying and tailor their CV accordingly, he proposed.

According to the Monster Employment Index, demand for graduate employees remains strong in the nursing sector despite a fall in many other areas.

Worker demand is down most in areas such as human resources, construction and architecture, led by a slump in the property market.

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