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Keys to success in your trial period

Published: Wednesday, 18 April 2012   Category: All Graduate Jobs News

Getting a graduate job is not the end of the employment headache... Once you obtain a graduate position there is a certain trial period that you have to pass in order to be successful.

Whatever the trial period of your new graduate job is, you should make sure that you know how to perform in order to succeed and move forward in your career.

According to Niamh O'Keefe, author of ‘Your First 100 Days: How to Make Maximum Impact in Your New Leadership Role’, these are the top tips to secure a job during your trial period:

Have your own vision

When employers hire new employees, they expect them to bring a plus to their company; something worth having and good for their business. Think about what your top qualities are and about what can make you stand out of the rest. O'Keefe suggests asking to yourself: “What would be your legacy?”

Be confident

The first days, or weeks (or even months) in a new job are always difficult; calm down and carry on. Understand that it is normal to feel insecure and don’t let your fear affect your performance. As the author remarks: “Fear is the great enemy of confidence.”

Don’t be afraid of making mistakes, but learn fast

Take for granted that you will make some mistakes on your path to learn your new duties and responsibilities. However, it is not the mistakes you make but how you handle them. Because of this, make sure that you focus on learning as much as and quickly as possible. This will show your superiors that they can expect a good performance from you in the future.

Be patient and resilient

When you arrive to a set company, you should understand that it already has its own way of working. Therefore, you should be adaptable to its new system and practise patience and resilience when things are not how you wanted; it always takes a while to adjust to new colleagues and business.

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