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Jobs 'big part of students lives'

Published: Friday, 22 August 2008   Category: Work Experience

Part-time jobs are a big part of the life of a student, new research has indicated.

Figures show that over 70 per cent of students have part-time jobs in order to cover basic living expenses, reports the Times.

The National Union of Students (NUS) has said that the number of hours that students should work depends on their course demands.

The union has also warned that students should be careful about the number of hours that they work as it is difficult for many people to balance employment with study.

Night shifts may also suit some students better than others and students should think about the hours that they work before they commit.

However, most universities support students in gaining part-time employment and many have a jobshop which offers temporary positions.

The newspaper is advising students to start looking for employment over the summer holidays so that they get the pick of the jobs before they start back at university.

Recently, a survey conducted by Nielsen Online found that many students make use of the internet to help them manage their finances.


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