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Jobhunters 'should always list workplace achievements'

Published: Wednesday, 25 June 2008   Category: Life after graduation

Job applicants who do not list their workplace achievements on their CV could be doing themselves out of a job, according to a new study.

Research conducted by iProfile.org interviewed 1,000 jobseekers and 200 employers about the issue.

Significantly, it discovered that an up-to-date list of achievements can often be a deciding factor when employers are considering applications.

Around 73 per cent of employers said they would not ask an applicant in for an interview if their CV did not list relevant achievements or was too vague, reports Onrec.

Furthermore, 51 per cent stated that "were applicants to effectively sell their existing achievements on CVs, they could demand starting salaries of five per cent or higher".

Applicants are focusing on listing their general responsibilities instead of details about personal achievements, according to the group.

iProfile has developed an online CV that details skills, qualifications and experiences in a format adopted as standard by the recruitment industry.

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