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Job prospects: graduates are less optimistic than school leavers

Published: Wednesday, 18 April 2012   Category: All Graduate Jobs News

Young Brits who are not planning to go to higher education are slightly more optimistic about their job chances in the future than those who attend university.

The latest research by reed.co.uk conducted a survey to 1,367 UK workers and found that, surprisingly, those who didn’t plan to go to university are 10% more optimistic about their current job prospects compared with graduates.

A majority 59% of non-university educated young people said they had no regrets for not pursuing higher education. Specifically, more than a quarter said they made the most of every opportunity available to them and declared they are happy with their lives.

Even more, one in five school leavers believe they learned more at work than any degree could provide. A further 12% were just happy to have started earning money at an early age.

Most optimistic graduates

Overall, 40% of current university students are positive about their future employment prospects; 38% are completely ambivalent and 22% feel negative about their job chances.

However, figures show that not all the university students share the same pessimism about future graduate job opportunities. Those who studied Accountancy, Computer Science, and Linguistics share the most positive outlook on employment expectations, reveals the study.

“By giving workers on-the-job training, either through apprenticeships or other learning programmes, employees can tap into a rich seam of enthusiastic talent, keen to learn the skills required to help their businesses flourish as the economy recovers” said Martin Warnes, Managing Director of reed.co.uk.

In fact, the value of apprenticeships has been widely recognised in recent months. Considering that many employers ask for several years of experience to achieve higher positions and that the increase in university fees are turning university education into a privilege, some Brits see better prospects in going straight into the job market after school.

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