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Job hunters need to 'scrub up'

Published: Tuesday, 04 March 2008   Category: Life after graduation

A new survey has found that personal hygiene is a key problem among jobseekers, which could be of note to graduates about to enter into the workforce.

The research by the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) found that 47 per cent of recruiters stated they had received negative feedback on the subject.

The survey also uncovered some bizarre interview techniques displayed by job hunters, with one applicant deeming it appropriate to turn up for an interview with a fashion company in a ball gown, and another assuring the recruiter that he was very good at Sony Playstation.

Some 93 per cent of respondents reported feedback from employers regarding an applicant's interview appearance, with 16 to 20-year-olds being the worst offenders for inappropriate attire.

Around 63 per cent of recruiters said that too casual clothing was an issue, with 23 per cent reporting a problem with footwear.

REC is the trade body that supports and represents the recruitment industry.


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