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IT staff 'attracted to training', says poll

Published: Wednesday, 27 August 2008   Category: Science, IT and Engineering

Those looking for graduate IT jobs could be interested to hear it is being claimed by new research that firms with the greatest range of education and training programmes have the lowest average turnover rate for staff, it has been reported by vnunet.com.

Computer Economics new findings suggest that IT managers perceive staff turnover rates could get worse in the industry and some skills could become scarcer and in short supply, which might affect graduate jobs in the industry.

The research and advisory firm's report stated that a typical organisation can expect to have an annual turnover of staff of five per cent.

But the poll of 71 IT employers found staff retention is improved by better training, which employees prefer to increased pay.

"IT managers often worry that investments in training will be reaped by other organisations when IT workers shop their new skills around … but this study indicates [it is] the best way to retain employees," said John Longwell, director of research for Computer Economics.

Channelweb.co.uk reported last week that a recent survey by IT jobs firm InterQuest found the sector's contractors are increasingly more concerned about their jobs and careers futures.

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