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IT sector funding "unlikely"

Published: Wednesday, 23 January 2008   Category: Science, IT and Engineering | Graduate Job sector Reports

Bill Rammell, the minister for higher education, has told a select committee inquiry that the IT sector is unlikely to have its funding restored, despite a skills shortage.

Under a policy that was announced last year, funding for students taking qualifications that are equivalent to or lower than ones they already have are to have their funding cut, reports Personneltoday

This could be a problem for IT staff who are looking to upgrade their skills and for non IT graduates looking to take course in order to break into the industry.

There has been criticism that the policy has been rushed through without sufficient consultation and that employers will now be expected to fund necessary training, the report continues.

Mr Rammel said that an annual funding review may be appropriate to prevent the same areas suffering.

He commented: "The analysis that there is a great shortage of IT students is correct, although relatively recent. Two years ago there was not a problem."

In related news, Personneltoday has reported that almost half of the UK's line managers are looking for a career move.


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