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'It is easier than ever' to work on move

Published: Friday, 29 August 2008   Category: Science, IT and Engineering

Those embarking on careers in graduate IT jobs could be interested to hear cheaper technology has made it easy and more cost effective to work productively while mobile, it is being claimed.

Mobile media company 3 UK maintains the falling cost and increasing sophistication of mobile technology communication has made it easier than ever to work on the move.

Renato Bottini, head of business at the firm, said one of the previous "barriers" to such devices was the cost but this has now been removed and it is easy and cost effective to work remotely.

"It is all about people now choosing when and where they want to work and how they want to work and be more productive and flexible. It's not about the hours we work or being a slave to our devices, it's about our devices being slaves to us," he added.

According to the Vodafone Critical Response Time Index for 2008, industry has become so competitive that putting off dealing with a call or email for half an hour can cost thousands.

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