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IT degree 'no longer pre-requisite' for graduate jobs in the sector

Published: Friday, 12 November 2010   Category: Science, Engineering and IT

Britons do not necessarily need a degree in IT to successfully fill graduate vacancies in the sector, it has been suggested.

Silicon.com carried out a poll of chief information officers at IT companies and found that they were unanimous in no longer being focused solely on those who have completed relevant university courses.

One of the officials responding to the question 'Do you need at IT degree to have a successful career in IT?' was Graham Yellowley from LCH.Clearnet.

"The graduate market is difficult at present but employers are looking for aptitude and attitude," he said in an interview with the news provider.

"So graduates with a strong self-awareness, team working, drive and ability to perform are ideal - as long as they obtain a 2:1 degree."

A similar view was outlined by Alan Bawden, IT and operations director at the JM Group, who suggested that business degrees could be more suited to the IT departments of the future.

The Higher Education Careers Service Unit revealed recently that IT graduates are facing unemployment rates of 16.3 per cent, compared to the overall rate of 8.9 per cent.

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