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Internships questioned on graduate website

Published: Tuesday, 17 November 2009   Category: Work Experience

Former students taking up internships to improve their graduate job prospects are being encouraged to post their feedback on a new website.

Internships Anonymous has been set up by two university leavers for graduates to post their experiences of the schemes in the current climate, to help each other find out which placements are useful.

Rosy Rickett, one of the founders of the site, told the Guardian that unpaid internships should at least be structured so that graduate job hunters can "get something out of it".

The newspaper also spoke to Gillian Dowling, a consultant from employment law consultancy Croner, who suggested that if a graduate performs well on the placement they may be able to demand payment.

"The more an intern does for the employer, the more likely they will be considered to be working, and in these circumstances we recommend paying them. Employers risk being fined for not paying a minimum wage."

Yorkshire charity Community Foundation recently announced that it is offering training and 12-week paid internships in its PR department for graduate job hunters in the area, the Halifax Evening Courier reported.


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