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Internet 'creates 2.4 jobs' for every one it destroys

Published: Thursday, 26 May 2011   Category: Science, Engineering and IT

The internet creates around 2.4 jobs, including graduate roles, for every single one it causes to be lost, according to new figures released today.

McKinsey Global Initiative, the management consultancy firm, released the report called Internet matters: The Net's Sweeping Impact on Growth, Jobs and Prosperity, praising the world wide web as a force for job-creation

According to the Economic Times, the company found that the net creation of 700,000 roles from the internet per year equals the figure of 2.4 jobs for every one destroyed.

The report suggests that, although it is true that jobs have been lost due to the emergence of the internet, "many more have been created during the same period".

"[This is] including jobs directly linked to the Internet, such as software engineers and online marketers as well as more traditional jobs - logistics to deliver online purchases," it reads.

A previous report from McKinsey Global Initiative found that in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) the figure of jobs created for every one destroyed was closer to 2.6.

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