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HR staff 'would reveal salaries'

Published: Friday, 02 May 2008   Category: Professional & financial services

HR professionals would be prepared to reveal their own salaries in order to address pay inequality, which may be of note to graduates looking to the sector.

A survey of 1,000 workers conducted by talent management consultancy Hudson found that six out of ten HR professionals would reveal their earnings to colleagues for the sake of pay equality.

The study also discovered that 57 per cent of respondents believe that senior managers should also be made to disclose their salary to staff.

Two-thirds of male HR professionals are comfortable about revealing their annual salary, while some 55 per cent of female HR professionals would do so.

Anthony Pierce, associate director of Hudson, said being open about such an issue was "motivational".

"At successful listed companies, where board executives have to disclose their salaries, such openness can fuel the aspirations - and the performance level - of those employees with an eye on a top job. It can also help a company's retention figures, by contributing to a culture of fairness and honesty," he remarked.


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