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Green graduate recruitment expanding

Published: Friday, 20 February 2009   Category: Career Advice

The outlook for graduate recruitment in the so-called green-collar job market is positive, with the sector seeing a 50 per cent increase in the UK, and president Barack Obama announcing five million new jobs in the US.

Green companies are still looking for graduates with expertise in environmental issues, climate change and corporate responsibility as many firms try to offset their carbon footprint and stick to legal requirements for sustainability.

Andy Cartland, managing director of UK green recruiter Acre Resources, which recently opened a new office in the US, told BusinessGreen.com: "There is lots of legislation, like the upcoming Carbon Reduction Commitment, that is forcing firms to recruit, and when you look at what Ed Miliband and Gordon Brown are saying, the government is also committed to creating more green jobs"

But Mr Cartland also warned that graduates must be proactive in their job seeking.

Revenue for the green sector is likely to increase as new environmental laws are passed, such as the recent legislation for Wales, as part of the Climate Change Act 2008, which means that plastic shopping bags, usually free in supermarkets, will have a charge placed on them.


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