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Green businesses will 'attract and retain talent'

Published: Monday, 16 May 2011   Category: All Graduate job news

University-leavers may find more graduate opportunities opening up in businesses with a strong environmental agenda, because a green outlook can help firms attract and retain talent, according to the British Council for Offices (BCO).

Paul Edwards, chair of the BCO's Environmental Sustainability Group, said that a new generation of environmentally-conscious employees is having an influence on businesses.

"I think younger people these days understand environmental issues a lot more so therefore to attract talent and retain talent, companies are seeing a need to deliver on the environmental promise," he explained.

Also, becoming green as a commercial company makes "good business sense" according to the expert.

"Take waste, for example," he said. "There is landfill tax of eight pound per tonne, increasing every year. If you sit still and do nothing, your costs go up."

A recent survey by Avery revealed that 47 per cent of the UK's office workers said their offices have actively become greener as a result of the economic situation.

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