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Graduates should seek 'credible' financial advice

Published: Tuesday, 11 November 2008   Category: Life after graduation

University leavers entering the workplace should be conscious of their options where obtaining financial advice is concerned, according to financialadvice.co.uk.

The website states that it can be extremely helpful to consult a specialist for information or advice on money matters, especially during periods of economic slowdown when budgets are likely to be particularly tight.

However, it is suggested that graduates should always verify the credentials of the professionals they consult, using only advisers who are registered with and regulated by an official body such as the Financial Services Authority.

Seeking advice from someone who is not regulated may provide the client with no protection should something go wrong, the site claims.

Financialadvice.co.uk. states: "Cutting corners in the area of financial advice can in some ways be a false economy as good advice has the potential to literally pay for itself."

BestInvest senior investments advisor Adrian Lowcocks claimed last month that financial advisors offer impartial judgements which are free from any emotional involvement.

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