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Graduates 'should hone job-hunting skills'

Published: Friday, 19 December 2008   Category: Career Advice

Graduates looking for jobs are advised to make sure their interview skills and CV are as good as they possibly can be.

According to Joe McDermott, chief executive officer of online interview training service Interviewgold.com, prospective candidates must make sure their job-hunting skills are up to scratch if they are to be successful.

"What we say to anyone looking for a job is that they have to perfect their interview skills, their CV and prepare thoroughly for all those parts of the job search process," he says, adding that this will put people in a better position when applying for jobs.

Mr McDermott adds that job seekers will find it harder to find positions as certain sectors of the job market are shrinking.

Labour market statistics for December published by the Office for National Statistics reveal that the number of job vacancies has fallen and the number of people in employment decreased by 115,000 over the quarter.

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